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Raw, Unfiltered Honey

Raw, Unfiltered Honey

In the cooking world, “raw” typically refers to a state of food in which the item has not been heated to a high enough heat to destroy the food’s natural nutritional elements. Usually this means not past 105-118 degrees F. Raw, unfiltered honey is alkaline-forming, which is important for a healthy system. Eating foods in the raw state allows for the preservation of the food’s natural vitamins and enzymes. When you buy processed, commercial honey, all of the wonderful, natural health benefits of honey are lost. Raw honey’s health benefits include antibacterial properties, antioxidants, and digestion and immunity aide. Studies have shown that raw honey has strong antibacterial/antimicrobial properties that help remove bacteria from a topical injury, which helps fight infection and starts the healing process. Raw honey is also anti-inflammatory, and contains properties that regulate the digestive system and can even fight cancer. By eating raw honey that is locally made, you can potentially reduce seasonal allergy symptoms by exposing yourself to small amounts of the pollen growing in your area (similar to the way allergy shots work). For all of these reasons, raw honey is an excellent substitute for the typical white sugar we often use in our recipes. Of course, once baked in a recipe the honey is no longer raw, but even so it is a wonderful alternative to our “typical” sugars, and even to the common, filtered honey that we see in the little squeezy bears. Enjoy!

For an in-depth look at how raw honey is made at local farms, check out this video!


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