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Vitamin D (You Are My Sunshine)

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a very often disrespected and under appreciated nutrient to human health. In fact, if I had to guess based on my own readings, research, and experiences I would say nearly 80-90% of Americans are deficient to some extent. Basically, most people are walking around in a chronically inflamed state of being, which is in the direction of stasis, often known as death. OK, so let’s try to prevent that, because life on the other hand is more exciting. What is Vitamin D you ask? It is quite often referred to as the “Sunshine” vitamin due to the rays of the sun providing light and energy to the body. However, it must be clarified that only the UVB rays are what allows the body to properly absorb the vitamin D. It works in 2 ways in the body. First, which is how most people know it, the skin absorbs the sun’s UVB rays via a cholesterol enzyme and then converts the energy once in the liver and once in the kidneys to a bioactive form known as Vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol, so the body can utilize it. Once in the bloodstream it helps with many reactions in the body. One of which is the absorption of calcium and phosphorous and we all know how important both calcium and phosphorous are. In fact, one Doctor that I like to research and read about, Dr. Weston Price, a dentist, would just about swear on it. A Naturopathic Doctor, whom I’m very intrigued by, Dr. Bernard Jensen, would 100% agree with Price but probably wouldn’t put quite as much emphasis on the importance of Calcium as a dentist would. The second way is through the eyes.¬†A very poorly known issue is that Vitamin D only works when it is in correct proportion to Vitamin A.¬†Deficiency of one creates toxicity of the other. Hence why the eyes are so extremely important to the strongest of bodies. It activates the pineal gland, which in turn sends a signal to the pituitary gland, known as “The Master Gland”, which controls the majority of the endocrine system and most of the hormones. Uh oh, I said “hormone” but stay calm. If correct measures are taken, hormones won’t get wacky. Now that makes me want to get more sun! Don’t get me wrong though, you can get too much sun and get burnt. Depending on skin type, it usually will take between 20-45 min of good sunlight 2-3 days a week to obtain more than enough Vitamin D due to it fat solubility. Keep in mind, something often overlooked is your geographic location. It is nearly impossible to obtain enough Vitamin D for those residing in the northern latitudes of the Earth. Supplementation may suffice, but I don’t recommend supplements unless speaking with your Natural health care provider or a local Naturopathic clinic. Humans fortunately have the ability to store extra Vitamin D in fat cells. The sun is really the best way to get this vital nutrient, but some foods such as shallow water fish and oysters and clams can be high in the nutrient. Also, unpasteurized or raw goat’s milk and goat’s cheese is a good source of the Vitamin. My best advice to you: Get some sun and get to know your local organic farmer!


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