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The Time Will Pass Anyway


The Time Will Pass Anyway

Life is a tricky thing. Patience is a virtue, but the early bird gets the worm. So how do you know it’s time to stop waiting for your turn, and go after what you want? Here’s my theory: Go after want you want. Always. Even if that means not enjoying every step you take to get there. This applies in so many aspects of life. Your job. Your health. Your dream. If you roll your eyes at your current job/internship/class but you know that it’s one step closer to your dream job, stick with it. If you secretly dread waking up at 5 am to get your workout in, but know that you feel better once it’s over, stick with it. If you are having a hard time kicking those cravings and eating those veggies, but know that your health is improving, stick. with. it. However, if you are in the midst of something that you really can’t stand and it’s not benefiting you, it’s probably time to move on.

As a trainer, I hear all the time that a person’s lifestyle is not conducive to making healthy choices. A job where you’re sedentary, stressed, working terrible hours, and feeling trapped is not healthy. I know many people choose the job that pays the bills over the job that is going to make them happy and allow their health to be addressed. And as I stated before, if that job is transitory, or a stepping stone to the next level where you will be happy an fulfilled, then by all means it may be worth it to stick it out. But if it’s a dead-end job that is detrimental to your physical and mental well-being, it’s time to be courageous. Take a leap of faith, and do the best thing for yourself. Eliminate any toxicity from your life, and create a new one. That toxicity can come from other sources too. A relationship can be equally as toxic as a stressful job. Embrace the people who support you, but when it comes to the people who bring you down, it’s time to take a hard look at the toll those relationships are taking on you. Anything that is bringing you down, you need to reassess. Life is too short to hold on to anything that keeps dragging you down.

You are in control of your life, every aspect. Don’t become complacent, continue to create. Do something for yourself. Take that chance, and make that change. The time will pass anyway, here’s your chance to create whatever it is you expected from yourself.


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