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Nourish Organic (Deodorant Replacement)

Deodorant Replacement: Nourish Organic

Deodorant is one of those things that we get in the habit of putting on everyday and don’t think twice about. What is its purpose? Well, to prevent your own body odor from smelling so obnoxiously to the person standing next to you that it makes them walk away. I always wore it until one day I just couldn’t deal with the suffering it brought me. I’m sure I speak for thousands of people out there, but I would break out in some type of rash and I wasn’t going to put up with that. I would have rather not worn anything and run the risk of smelling offensively than to wear deodorant and deal with a chronic rash. So for quite some time, I went to numerous stores and read up on deodorants and was determined to find one that worked that didn’t cause a rash. Finally, I came across one made by the company Nourish Organic at a Whole Foods Market and proceeded to view the ingredient list. By this point, I knew what I was looking for and was well into a natural lifestyle and enjoyed the study of biochemistry of the human body. The front was rather simple, but it fit my style. The best part was that it even fell under my rule of 7. Nothing more than 7 ingredients was coming home with me. After trying it for 1 day, it worked beautifully! No rash, no smell, no problem. It is free of all the terrible toxins such as parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, silicones, propylene glycol, sulfates, triclosan, EDTA, aluminum, and other synthetically made chemicals or dyes. The ingredient list is as follows: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Corn Starch, Organic Cacao Seed Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Saccharomyces Ferment. The last ingredient Saccharomyces Ferment is a fermented plant that comes from the fungi world. Nothing to fear, just looks difficult to pronounce. Basically, some plants had allowed me to be rash free and confident that nothing toxic was going to leak through the skin of my armpits. Clearly I had to look long and hard to find a deodorant that would pass my extremely difficult test. The point of all this is that almost every other brand of deodorants out there has at least some, if not many, harsh toxins that are going to ultimately destroy you. They will, without a doubt, contain one or more of the toxic ingredients I previously mentioned and slowly but surely make you sick and you won’t even realize the cause until long after potentially irreversible damage can occur to you, whether it be to your skin, liver, heart, or brain. Do yourself a favor and immediately switch your deodorant. It may be slightly more expensive at roughly $9 to $10, depending on where you purchase it, but you will be investing wisely in your health.

As a testimonial, here is a note I received from a woman I met at my workplace, who as a cancer survivor, needed to revamp her product choices:

Hi Andrew,

Wanted to let you know how much I like Nourish Organic deodorant and Thank You for recommending it.  What you don’t know is that in June of 2015, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had a mastectomy on June 18th, 2013.  Upon a visit to my oncologist, he told me to stay away from any products with Parabens or Bovine Growth Hormones in them.  After hearing this, it got me to wondering about what else I was using that was not good for me and upon further research, BOY WAS I SURPRISED! I had to change everything I was using and that’s when I turned to Organic Products for everything from soap to make-up to laundry detergent.  I had searched for a deodorant that would work well particularly after a hard workout at the gym and that’s where you and I started talking.  You recommended the Nourish Organic Deodorant and I tried it and now I love it.  I controls odor as well as any other deodorant on the market and the fact that it was totally organic makes me a user for life.  I have also tried other products from Nourish Organics and they are great too.

Thanks Andrew!

Cheryl B.

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