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Calcium (Ca) (Put That Cow’s Milk Down)


So I have to ask, how many times do we hear about the element Calcium these days? Pretty much on a daily basis. Currently, I hear it being tossed around like a ball almost every day in the health industry. What’s the big talk all about. You hear about it in all of the Got Milk? commercials. Where do you get Calcium?… Why is your first thought dairy? Instinctively, because it’s a white colored element. Socially, it is in cow’s milk. Now if I kept going on about it, you’d continue to assume cow’s milk. Stop! Let’s go with goat’s milk instead. A baby calf consumes cow’s milk so it can grow big bones quickly. Ever wondered why a baby calf struggles to stand on all 4 limbs in early stages of life? Riddle solved. Humans do not assimilate cow’s milk very well due to its high lactose sugar content as well as its high calcium content. We need foods that contain much more friendly levels of the necessary nutrients and goat’s milk and cheese (raw or unpasteurized) is much more user friendly to humans. But back to Calcium, we also associate this element with bone too. Rightfully so. Calcium, along with Phosphorous, is what our bones are mostly made from with the exception of a tiny percentage of Copper. It also aids in a muscle tissue’s ability to contract. Microscopically, without enough Calcium ions the nerve cannot release acetylcholine, therefore the muscle will not contract how it should. Acetylcholine is needed in the energy producing and fat burning process. Let’s zoom back out to a bigger scale, you have to naturally want to know what else contains Calcium. Many dark green leaves like kale, chard and spinach, tiny bony fish like sardines and herring, oysters, clams and many seeds as well as a few fruits. We can only absorb Calcium if we have enough Vitamin D and most humans are to some degree deficient in Vitamin D so no wonder we are Calcium deficient as well. Weak bones is what comes to my mind, what the medical world calls osteoporosis. Weak infrastructure is probably a better way to word that cause we would have weak muscles too. I think you’re starting to get the picture – it requires a lifestyle change to make the body’s complex system work optimally. Supplements don’t work as effectively, if at all, so don’t be lazy. Reach instead for the healthy, natural, whole food source to utilize the high bioavailability of it’s organic Calcium nutrient.

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  1. John July 24, 2014 at 8:33 pm #

    This is absolutely great, keep up the hard work!

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