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  • Is Gluten Bad For Non-Celiacs? This is a video discussion about the effects of gluten on non-Celiac people by a panel of nutrition experts. This video is confirmed that going gluten-free was a good option for me, even though I tested negative for Celiac disease. And after going gluten-free, my terrible allergies and chronic sinus infections completely subsided. It’s a discussion definitely worth watching if you’ve debated whether going gluten-free would be a good option for you, or if you’re unsure about the effects of gluten on the human digestive system.
  • From Farm to Table: A PBS show about the important of eating and shopping local. It reviews the lifestyle associated with farmers markets, why it’s important to shop local, and the benefits both for your health and for your community. If you aren’t familiar with farmers markets and the local food culture, check out this video! It will definitely make you want to visit your local farmers market.
  • Spring Abundance: Another episode from the Farm to Table PBS show. This episode looks at spring farming, and also gives an in-depth look at how raw honey is made and harvested. This episode also gives you tips about container gardening for those of us who don’t have yard space to grow our own herbs and veggies.