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You Are A Perishable Item

You Are A Perishable Item We are a culture obsessed with convenience. If you look into your pantry right now, I can bet you that there are many items that could be cooked in 10 minutes or less. And I bet those same ingredients either have an expiration date at least a year into the […]

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The Time Will Pass Anyway

The Time Will Pass Anyway Life is a tricky thing. Patience is a virtue, but the early bird gets the worm. So how do you know it’s time to stop waiting for your turn, and go after what you want? Here’s my theory: Go after want you want. Always. Even if that means not enjoying […]

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Listen To Your Body

  Listen To Your Body Above All Other Voices As a society, we often get incredibly caught up in the numbers of nutrition. How many carbs? How many calories? How much fat? I ate X earlier, so I can’t eat Y now. I had a really hard run earlier, so I can eat anything I […]

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Magic of beginnings

The Magic of Beginnings

The Magic of Beginnings (First Step… The Breakup) As cliche as it may be these days, inevitably it is true that every journey first begins with the first step. We all have one. That moment of excited panic, knowing that yes, you will try, but will you succeed? It happens in all aspects of our […]

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