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  • The Paleo Mom: This website is written by a mom who is also a scientist who has studied the effects of a person’s diet on autoimmune disease. She follows the paleo diet, which means she does not eat grains, legumes, soy, dairy, or refined sugars. Her website was especially helpful for me in figuring out the Why?’s behind food choices, and why some foods are doing more harm to our bodies than good, even when we have been taught to eat them (ie. whole grains). She has many different science-based posts written, including Why Are Grains Bad?, Why Is Sugar Bad?, and What Is A Leaky Gut? (a serious issue caused by diet that often leads to chronic disease such as autoimmune disease, severe allergies, and even arthritis.) If you’re interested in reading about the science behind food broken down in an easily understood manner, I would definitely suggest checking out The Paleo Mom’s website!
  • Pinch Of Yum: Lindsey and Bjork have created an empire, and it was 100% my inspiration to create and start monetizing a blog. Bjork writes up an income report every month, and opened my eyes to the fact that I could actually make a little (or a LOT… ahem $22,000 in one MONTH?!) money doing something that I enjoy and am passionate about. Lindsey’s recipes are often very different than mine in terms of the ingredients used, but some have still inspired my own versions. Plus her photography is bangin. They deserve a shout-out, thanks for inspiring me!