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Potassium (K) (Go Bananas)


Among the 16 major chemical elements that are contained in the make up of man, Potassium is so vital to the overall health that without it a human heart would not survive but for a very short period of time! Potassium is the element that increases the alkalinity of the entire muscular system. Anything that is considered alkaline in nature will help fight off the detrimental toxins, germs, and acids produced in the world as well as the human body. Potassium, like many other organic elements, has its life partner, Sodium. These two work very closely together, almost to the point where they are inseparable. Hand-in-hand so to speak. Both, Potassium and Sodium, are considered electrolytes and must stay in balance with each other in order to keep proper, effective, and efficient communication between our cells. When they get out of balance, disease processes begin. When in proper ratio they put the perfect osmotic pressure on cells to permit the exchange of many other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in and out of the cells, especially muscle tissues – potassium inside, sodium outside. In conjunction with Calcium, these three elements are why our muscles contract and without Potassium or a lack of it will produce muscle cramps. Potassium can help in the protection of the heart as well, so it is a must in our diets! Eat a serving of Morgan’s banana ice cream and you’re well on your way to a stronger heart. Other good sources are kiwis, citrus fruits, potato and sweet potato skins, and most dark green leafy vegetables. Potassium is the leading element in the elimination of carbonic acid and lactic acid from our muscles – and a day after a good workout you’re sure to feel the effects of these acids in the form of sore, tight muscles! Always remember the 1st rule in health – to achieve great health, you must get your foods in their natural, whole state directly from the Earth.

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