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You Are A Perishable Item

You Are A Perishable Item We are a culture obsessed with convenience. If you look into your pantry right now, I can bet you that there are many items that could be cooked in 10 minutes or less. And I bet those same ingredients either have an expiration date at least a year into the […]

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No-Bean Chili

Ah chili. The most soul-warming, hearty meal around. In college, I made chili often in the winter because it was cheap to make. I made it meatless with a store-bought packet of who-knows-what, a can of tomato sauce and a can of beans, and it was ready in 10 minutes after just throwing everything in […]

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Vitamin K (K for Clotting)

Vitamin K (K for Clotting) Anyone know anything about Vitamin K? Not too many people do as it is often forgotten or neglected in regards to its importance. Because of that there is not much research out there on it so let’s just dive right in and back out in a quick paragraph. If you […]

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