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Oxygen (O2) (Burn It Up)


This element is absolutely amazing. Oxygen itself is everywhere on this planet and usually comes in a compound with the minerals or rocks of the Earth. For example, iron rusts due to its strong affinity to oxygen creating the compound, Iron Oxide. This element is involved in just about every process in the human body, including all proteins, fats, sugars, and DNA. Because of this involvement, it makes humans aerobic creatures as opposed to anaerobic creatures. Aerobic means “with oxygen.” Therefore, anaerobic naturally means without oxygen. Without oxygen, we do not exist. Without plant life, animal life does not exist and it works in reverse as well. Plants use carbon dioxide and water to replenish the oxygen on the Earth through the process of photosynthesis so animal life can thrive, and animals utilize oxygen to release energy, or heat, from the breakdown of food sources. This breakdown and release of energy is carbon dioxide and water. As you can tell there is a continuous cycle here that makes life work the way it does. Many years ago, the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere was greater than it was today. Today it is roughly at 21%.

By nature, oxygen is explosive, constructive, destructive, corrosive, degenerative, and regenerative. Clearly it covers all aspects of build up and breakdown. In the presence of Oxygen, something will literally “burn” and leave an ash. This is how humans can utilize the nutrients from our foods. We eat, and due to oxygen coming in through respiration, our lungs make it available so we can transport it through the bloodstream and can then “burn” our food to release energy or heat. It would make sense then that without oxygen we would die. The other extreme exists too that with too much oxygen we will burn up and die as well. The human body has an incredible ability to utilize oxygen to create what we call life. As you now know, iron combines with oxygen. In the body, this occurs through a blood protein known as hemoglobin. This protein is critical to life. People that are iron deficient, or anemic, naturally do not have a good ability to use oxygen and the signs are very clear. They are pale, weak, fatigued, injury prone, and dis-ease prone, more so than healthy humans with sufficient iron and oxygen levels. When oxygen combines with carbon and hydrogen, we get sugars and fats. When a sugar combines with ammonia, we get amino acids. When amino acids combine we get proteins and therefore a living organism.

Animals, including humans, need sunlight in order to absorb oxygen. Most importantly, our eyes are the windows to the soul. When sunlight hits our eyes and oxygen comes in through the lungs, this amazing element goes to work and allows you to do what you do best. This creates a potent energy know as “qi” to the Asian countries or what I know as the “vital force” that yields vibrant health and a life worth living. It allows humans and other animals to move about the Earth to explore. Many humans take this whole process for granted. When we have plenty of oxygen we feel lively, young, and healthy. Let’s keep it this way! The more you eat, the more oxygen you need to burn up those foods and honestly there is only so much oxygen you can utilize (the size and health of our lungs dictate that amount). This is why we feel sick after eating too much. It is also why we must continue to move. Oxygen is constantly moving, never stagnant. Ultimately, humans need to move as well so we can bring in more oxygen and get our vibrant health back!



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