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Iron (Fe) (Get Your Blood Pumpin’)


Ever since humans have discovered the properties of this chemical element, iron has been incorporated into many different things on this Earth. I know you’ve heard of numerous buildings made from iron, but what about its use in building cells in the human body? How much do you know about it now? Once again we need to go to a microscopic scale to see its truth in your body. To be plain and simple, without iron you don’t exist. How’s that for making a bold statement? Iron has a strong attraction to Oxygen. When we reach optimal absorption of iron, we feel very energized because there is plenty of Oxygen to keep your cells operating at a high level and in turn YOU operate at a high level. Way too many humans are deficient in iron (anemia) and due to its use in the production of Hemoglobin, there is no wonder why most of us walk around in a chronic state of depression, fatigue, and lack of desire. Let’s fix that! Iron can be obtained through both plant and animal life, but animal meat, especially red meat, provides a more bioavailable form than does its counterpart from the plant kingdom. Pretty much anything considered to be a plant or part of a plant and is dark green or black in color will contain iron, such as kale, chard, spinach and blackberries just to name a few. There’s one major hurdle to absorbing iron though, humans can only absorb approximately 10-40%. If you truly eat cleanly then you’re going to be closer to that 40% number as opposed to most humans hovering around a rate of 10-20%. And I must add that without enough Vitamin C, you won’t ever absorb enough Iron and will constantly stay fatigued and stressed both physically and mentally because the body has to work too hard to absorb what little it can. At this point, you only have two options: clean up your eating habits tremendously or eat a lot of iron rich foods. If you choose option two, you will eat too much, your bowel movements will be very strenuous, and you will eventually develop iron toxicity. Ultimately your best bet is to go with option one and clean up your eating habits so you can live a better more fulfilling life.

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