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Earthpaste (Toothpaste Replacement)

Redmond Earthpaste, Spearmint

Earthpaste: Minimally Processed Toothpaste Replacement

Graduating from college was a wonderful time, but for my health, not so much. It appeared that just about anything I ate irritated my tongue. Unaware of the cause, my first thought was “maybe it’s my toothpaste.” Long story short, it turns out it was not the toothpaste, but it did give me a lot of insight on what ingredients are actually in many toothpaste brands today. Really, it was a blessing in disguise. Having changed lifestyles for the better, I realized that everything you consume comes into contact first with the mouth. So I had to start there, literally. Shopping one day at a health food store I came across Earthpaste, a completely natural toothpaste made out of clay. Clay has been used around the world for many different cleansing routines for thousands of years. It has numerous minerals that will help to replenish what has been depleted from our systems while simultaneously giving you clean teeth. Sounds like a win win situation to me. My one rule of thumb is almost never to buy products with more than 7 ingredients AND you should be able to read the list without hesitating or having to ask “what is this?” Earthpaste passed the test with flying colors. With only 6 ingredients, occasionally 7 depending on the flavor, the Spearmint one has the following ingredients: Purified water, Food Grade Redmond Clay, Redmond Real Salt, Spearmint Essential Oil, Menthol, Tea Tree Oil. Redmond, a company based out of Utah, produces this awesome toothpaste that makes me confident in knowing nothing toxic is going into my mouth. On the other hand, just about every other brand out there has toxic chemicals in their toothpastes and their all too savvy marketing teams know exactly how to get you to bypass the toxic chemicals and buy their products. EVIL! One example is Crest. Most people have heard of them. One of there toothpastes that claims is Anticavity contains a few ingredients that I can guarantee you don’t have a clue what they are or what they do. The active ingredient of Sodium Fluoride might be OK but it isn’t naturally from the Earth. It’s naturally from a chemistry lab. Of the inactive ingredients, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Flavor, Cellulose Gum, Titanium Dioxide, and Blue Lake 1 are all begging you to ask “what is that?” Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (often listed as SLS) is a drying agent. Why would you want to dry out your mouth? That will only allow harmful bacteria to thrive and create problems. Anything that simply says Flavor is not good for you. My first question is “What flavor?” and then I’ll bet it came straight from a tube in a chemistry lab making it not from the Earth. Cellulose Gum is up next on the chopping block. Very quickly, cellulose comes from wood in trees which cannot be completely broken down by the human body. Titanium Dioxide is nothing more than oxidized or “rusted” titanium, a metal. Anything that gets oxidized, should be a whole food that gets oxidized in your body, not outside and then put in. That’s backwards to me. Even though I left out some ingredients because there’s no point in beating a dead horse, the last one is Blue 1 Lake. That sounds like they decided to numerically order every blue colored lake in this world. How is that an ingredient? OK, it’s not, but it is a food color. Yet again something made in a lab and has been known to have potentially cancerous properties. In the end, well, start in this case, put something safe in your mouth to help clean your teeth from the healthy foods you had previously eaten.

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