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Cholesterol (I’ve Been Framed!)


Ah, cholesterol. Poor guy has taken a ruthless beating over the past couple of decades on his role in human health. If I ask “Why is cholesterol so bad for you?” I know I’ll get a wide variety of answers and that’s exactly the problem. Too many conflicting answers and information out there. OK so do me a favor and forget every one of those answers. There’s a reason why it’s involved in our lives so let’s read on to find out. This guy is really one of your best friends so quit hatin’. Without cholesterol you’d be dead, literally. It is the synthesizing agent of the famous Vitamin D and if you read the section on the benefits of Vitamin D you’d realize the utter importance of cholesterol. The human body makes cholesterol from many types of fat especially saturated fat. Wait a minute… Yes you read that right. I’m giving some credit to saturated fat. Cholesterol, in addition to synthesizing Vitamin D, has a main role in the body and that is to help clean up other fats floating around the blood stream. So many people, including nutritionists, get cholesterol confused with LDL and HDL so let’s get it right. HDL and LDL are not cholesterol; rather, they are proteins–lipoproteins to be exact. Why do you think protein is part of its name? They’re not trying to fool you. They are the carrier proteins of cholesterol so that cholesterol can do its job. It helps clean up toxins and with the help of its carriers it delivers it to the liver for further processing elimination. All in all, cholesterol truly is a necessity of life unless you want to walk around in an inflamed state. Oh wait, you probably already are in that state cause the media makes it out to be a bad guy. Your next question is probably along the lines of “So where can I obtain this wonderful nutrient?” Many things have it, but they also contain many other bad things. When it comes to eating whole foods from the Earth, cholesterol can be found or created in the body from animal fats from pasture raised and free to roam animals. Of course one of the best sources is the yolk from eggs that came from pasture raised chickens. When cooking eggs, try to poach them or fry them in a healthy oil such as avocado or hemp seed oil so that the yolk is still runny and not fully hardened. Runny yolks yield so many nutritious nutrients it’s unreal, such as choline, and other phospholipids that create a much needed protective sheath surrounding every nerve you have. Without them you will never operate how you want to in life and in fact will be in misery because of over heated nerve endings. Another result will be a misfiring of an electrical signal from nerve to nerve and that will ultimately lead to a myriad of nervous system problems and an untimely death. If I were you, I’d stop listening to what the government and media say about health. It’s all about politics and money to them, not your health.


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