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Stars and Stripes Sangria 4th of july

Stars and Stripes Sangria

Are you in need of a last minute, quick and easy crowd-pleaser to bring to your 4th of July cookout? This Stars and Stripes Sangria is an Independence Day treat! With wine, champagne and frozen fruit, this sweet and bubbly sipper is super easy to throw together just in time to get out the door. […]

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Cinnamon Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates

Okay, so this is more of a concept than a recipe since it’s so simple, but it’s a darn good concept at that! Vaguely reminiscent of a cinnamon roll (Andrew says my imagination was stretching on that one… maaaybe I just really wanted a cinnamon roll), this sweet treat is easy to whip up by […]

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Raw Brownie Energy Bites

Sometimes my kitchen turns into an episode of Chopped. “I’m hungry, I have these ingredients, GO.” Interestingly, sometimes these spontaneous ventures turn out to be a hit on the first try. Such is the case with these bites. Okay… balls. There I said it… we were all thinking it, let’s move on. I really wanted […]

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No Bean, Watermelon Seed “Hummus”

Ah hummus, one of the things I miss greatly about no longer eating beans/lentils. I tend to avoid beans and lentils because of their anti-nutrient properties, and also because they usually give me extreme stomach pain (not terribly uncommon for beans–they do tend to have that, ahem, reputation–but often times it is literally unbearable for […]

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