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Magnesium (Mg) (Keep It Movin’)

Magnesium I really like this element partly because it’s fun to say, but primarily because it keeps the poops coming out rather than storing them and creating a state of constipation. OK, yes I said it, get out your laughs… now back to seriousness. On the other hand that word constipation, makes me cringe, literally. […]

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Sodium (Na) (Let’s Not Be Salty)

Sodium The all too famous Sodium – not to be mistaken for salt, which is sodium and chloride mixed together to form the compound of NaCl or Sodium Chloride. Sodium is actually a metal, an alkali metal to be exact. The 11th element of our periodic table, devised by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869, is denoted […]

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Iron (Fe) (Get Your Blood Pumpin’)

Iron Ever since humans have discovered the properties of this chemical element, iron has been incorporated into many different things on this Earth. I know you’ve heard of numerous buildings made from iron, but what about its use in building cells in the human body? How much do you know about it now? Once again […]

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Cholesterol (I’ve Been Framed!)

Cholesterol Ah, cholesterol. Poor guy has taken a ruthless beating over the past couple of decades on his role in human health. If I ask “Why is cholesterol so bad for you?” I know I’ll get a wide variety of answers and that’s exactly the problem. Too many conflicting answers and information out there. OK […]

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Vitamin D (You Are My Sunshine)

Vitamin D Vitamin D is a very often disrespected and under appreciated nutrient to human health. In fact, if I had to guess based on my own readings, research, and experiences I would say nearly 80-90% of Americans are deficient to some extent. Basically, most people are walking around in a chronically inflamed state of […]

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Potassium (K) (Go Bananas)

Potassium Among the 16 major chemical elements that are contained in the make up of man, Potassium is so vital to the overall health that without it a human heart would not survive but for a very short period of time! Potassium is the element that increases the alkalinity of the entire muscular system. Anything […]

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