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Cod Jambalaya

Oh my my. I could eat this for every meal for a week, no joke. This recipe came from our need to stretch our budget a little bit farther, as money has been a little bit tight. So instead of housing $20 worth of cod in one sitting, we decided to draw it out by […]

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Listen To Your Body

  Listen To Your Body Above All Other Voices As a society, we often get incredibly caught up in the numbers of nutrition. How many carbs? How many calories? How much fat? I ate X earlier, so I can’t eat Y now. I had a really hard run earlier, so I can eat anything I […]

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Magnesium (Mg) (Keep It Movin’)

Magnesium I really like this element partly because it’s fun to say, but primarily because it keeps the poops coming out rather than storing them and creating a state of constipation. OK, yes I said it, get out your laughs… now back to seriousness. On the other hand that word constipation, makes me cringe, literally. […]

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Magic of beginnings

The Magic of Beginnings

The Magic of Beginnings (First Step… The Breakup) As cliche as it may be these days, inevitably it is true that every journey first begins with the first step. We all have one. That moment of excited panic, knowing that yes, you will try, but will you succeed? It happens in all aspects of our […]

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Earthpaste (Toothpaste Replacement)

Redmond Earthpaste, Spearmint Earthpaste: Minimally Processed Toothpaste Replacement Graduating from college was a wonderful time, but for my health, not so much. It appeared that just about anything I ate irritated my tongue. Unaware of the cause, my first thought was “maybe it’s my toothpaste.” Long story short, it turns out it was not the […]

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Cinnamon Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates

Okay, so this is more of a concept than a recipe since it’s so simple, but it’s a darn good concept at that! Vaguely reminiscent of a cinnamon roll (Andrew says my imagination was stretching on that one… maaaybe I just really wanted a cinnamon roll), this sweet treat is easy to whip up by […]

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Sodium (Na) (Let’s Not Be Salty)

Sodium The all too famous Sodium – not to be mistaken for salt, which is sodium and chloride mixed together to form the compound of NaCl or Sodium Chloride. Sodium is actually a metal, an alkali metal to be exact. The 11th element of our periodic table, devised by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869, is denoted […]

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