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Archive | July, 2014


Superfood Green Smoothie (Dairy-Free)

Ah the Green Smoothie. Something that healthfoodies swear by, yet is still so misunderstood. Yes, it looks gross. I get it. But I can promise you, it will surprise you. And luckily, if you use berries it’s not even green in color. HA! No excuses anymore, people! So I’ve been making these for a while, […]

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Iron (Fe) (Get Your Blood Pumpin’)

Iron Ever since humans have discovered the properties of this chemical element, iron has been incorporated into many different things on this Earth. I know you’ve heard of numerous buildings made from iron, but what about its use in building cells in the human body? How much do you know about it now? Once again […]

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15 Minute Glutes and Core HIIT Burnout

Get those legs, glutes, and core toned with this quick but challenging fitness routine! Exercise Descriptions: Russian Twist + Leg Extension: Lean your body back about 45 degrees to engage your front abs. Lift your feet off the ground, keeping one leg bent, and extending the other leg as you twist. Twist at the waist […]

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Raw Brownie Energy Bites

Sometimes my kitchen turns into an episode of Chopped. “I’m hungry, I have these ingredients, GO.” Interestingly, sometimes these spontaneous ventures turn out to be a hit on the first try. Such is the case with these bites. Okay… balls. There I said it… we were all thinking it, let’s move on. I really wanted […]

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