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Archive | June, 2014


4 Minute Plank Challenge

Exercise Details: Starting position: Forearm plank, on your toes. Keep your body in a straight line, using your core to prevent your bottom from arching up or dipping down. Plank push up: Move from a forearm plank to a push-up plank, then back down to a forearm plank. Alternate which arm starts with each full […]

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S’mores Bars (Gluten-Free, White Sugar-Free)

Happy official start to summer! What better way to get in the mood than with s’mores? Unfortunately the chemical-y, white sugar-y, gluten-y treats have started to sound more like a death trap than a happy summer evening. So why not make your own without the processed junk?! Okay so these are by no means the […]

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Crockpot BBQ Chicken (White Sugar-Free)

Pulled pork/chicken is one of my greatest weaknesses, which is interesting for someone who usually couldn’t care less about meat in general. I don’t know what it is, but I could eat BBQ every single day… perhaps it’s the Virginia in me. I had yet to venture into the world of making mine own, however, […]

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Cholesterol (I’ve Been Framed!)

Cholesterol Ah, cholesterol. Poor guy has taken a ruthless beating over the past couple of decades on his role in human health. If I ask “Why is cholesterol so bad for you?” I know I’ll get a wide variety of answers and that’s exactly the problem. Too many conflicting answers and information out there. OK […]

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No Bean, Watermelon Seed “Hummus”

Ah hummus, one of the things I miss greatly about no longer eating beans/lentils. I tend to avoid beans and lentils because of their anti-nutrient properties, and also because they usually give me extreme stomach pain (not terribly uncommon for beans–they do tend to have that, ahem, reputation–but often times it is literally unbearable for […]

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Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon Seeds I have a new favorite discovery, and they go by the name of Watermelon Seeds. Raw, sprouted watermelon seeds in fact. (You can find more in-depth information on raw foods and sprouted seeds on my Raw, Unfiltered Honey, and Sunbutter posts) They are absolutely addictive. We found them in our local Fresh Market […]

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Vitamin D (You Are My Sunshine)

Vitamin D Vitamin D is a very often disrespected and under appreciated nutrient to human health. In fact, if I had to guess based on my own readings, research, and experiences I would say nearly 80-90% of Americans are deficient to some extent. Basically, most people are walking around in a chronically inflamed state of […]

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